North Carolina Biotechnology Center's Education Enhancement Grants (EEG) (North Carolina)

Category: Biotechnology, Science
Type: Other Grants
Grant Details: Education Enhancement Grants (EEG) assist with the development of activities, programs, resources and personnel necessary to enhance biotechnology education and workforce training. The maximum award is $100,000.

Education Enhancement Grants support the initial phase of development of activities, programs, resources, and personnel necessary for biotechnology education and workforce training in academic and non-academic educational settings statewide.

Each preproposal submitted to the program undergoes a two-step review process; a preliminary review by Biotechnology Center staff determines whether the preproposal is related to biotechnology education and workforce training and follows the program's guidelines described in the EEG Preproposal Application Guidelines and Instructions.

Preproposals must be submitted through their electronic application process. There is one submission date per year. The deadline for submission of preproposals for the 2013-2014 funding cycle is March 20, 2013.

The maximum award for Education Enhancement Grants program is $100,000. Appropriate categories of support may include, but are not limited to, laboratory equipment, supplies, salary, professional development and travel.

Eligibility: North Carolina non-profit institutions, including K-12 schools, school systems, community colleges, colleges, universities and museums are eligible to apply.
Grant Amount: $100,000
Occurrence: Annually
State(s): North Carolina
Grant Page: Click here for more details about grant

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